The Aquarii Story

Aquarii launched in the summer of 2019 and is the brainchild of Anise Mills who saw a gap in the market for eco-luxe swimwear that embodied a new way of thinking.

Aquarii started with a small drop, no waste policy, selling capsules of sustainable swimwear - each design flattering each body type using re-worked Italian fabric.

In 2022 Aquarii made the decision to localize production and pivot manufacturing form Spain to the UK.

Designing luxe swimwear that aims to flatter each body shape is at the very heart of Aquarii - every woman should have a piece of Aquarii in their swimwear collection!


Our Ecowave range is manufactured with SEAQUAL and other 100% recycled yarns.

Estilmar 's Ecowave fabric is based around four main pillars.

ECOPRINT - Only using sustainable inks and dyes to colour their fabrics. 

ECOYARN - They only use recycled materials that would otherwise be waste. 

ZERO KILOMETERS - This is part of their commitment to distribute their products while maintaining carbon neutral. 

GREEN ENERGY - The final pilar is one of green energy, they only use renewable energy during the manufacturing process to create their fabrics. 

As a company we are proud to make beautiful swimwear with fabrics that don't just make you look good, but they do good!

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